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Every car has its own unique personality. For that reason, every restoration is unique to itself. There is no "one size fits all" or cookie-cutter restoration plan.  Sure, there are standard parts, prices and labor hours for particular restoration tasks but to get it right, we'll work with you to determine the best plan for your unique restoration.  We have the best talent, tools and processes to ensure your restoration project exceeds your expectations.

A few things to keep in mind as you enter the world of auto restoration:

  • The cost of a restoration is flexible depending on your budget and expectations for the completed restoration. We can provide a number of options to fit your budget.

  • We will provide an estimate, timeline and project plan based on our initial inspection of the vehicle. 

  • While it takes roughly the same amount of time to restore any car, keep in mind that no two cars are in the same condition when restoration begins - unknown conditions we find as we disassemble the vehicle may impact the estimate and final cost of your restoration both from a parts and labor standpoint.  

  • We will provide a detailed photo and itemized record of your restoration and keep you in the loop as we progress through the restoration. 

  • Before the restoration process can begin, we take detailed photos of the entire vehicle, inside and out to document the exact state in which the vehicle arrived. Every trim piece, ground wire, and door gap is accurately recorded and all parts are inventoried and labeled as they are removed.  Additional photos/videos are taken throughout the restoration process. Any original factory stickers and/or decals are documented and will be replaced upon completion of the restoration. Damaged parts, rust stains, and inadequate repairs are all documented and a detailed list of parts that need replacement is created.

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