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Established in 2009, John's Auto Restoration & Repair is a family owned and operated business located in Greenwood Lake, NY.  We love the work we do and work hard doing it. We have a staff of highly qualified technicians with experience in mechanical and electrical repair, body work and interior restoration. We don't let a car drive off the lot until you are completely satisfied with the work we've done.  We count on our happy clients to keep coming back and to refer their friends and family to us. 

John Keramedjian, President & Chief Car Guy
John has 45+ years of experience in the automotive industry starting at the local gas station as a kid, as shop manager for large retail auto repair shops. Since 2009, John has owned his own shop, recently expanding to a 6700 sq ft facility in Greenwood Lake, NY. 
Johnny Keramedjian, aka Mini Me
Johnny may actually know more about cars than his dad! He  usually makes an appearance after school and on the weekends and is a skilled car washer.
Max,  Shop Dawg
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